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Relationships Beat Algorithms with George Bryant

August 09, 2021 George Bryant Episode 122
Pencil Leadership
Relationships Beat Algorithms with George Bryant
Show Notes

"Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows." - Ben Stein

"I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

George Bryant is a digital marketing expert who believes in the power of relationship-building in marketing, but he had to fix his relationship with himself before he could figure that out.

He talks openly now of stories of abuse – both physical and sexual, of driving his father’s Harley Davidson through the door of a shed at four years old, of violence, bullying, self-harm, eating disorders… screaming for attention, screaming for validation, desperate to feel loved, desperate to just feel.

His story from there is one he recounts as a cycle of not feeling good enough, driving himself physically harder than should be humanly possible just to prove his worth, and then sabotaging his progress. Only to repeat that process again.

It took 30 years for George to realize the answer he was searching for. 30 years to begin to fix what was broken within himself, what most of us never even recognize, let alone face head-on.

Today, George shares with us how relationships beat algorithms. Relationships with ourselves, team, and customers.

So if you're ready, take out your pencils and let's begin.

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